Soft-Scrambled Egg Toasts With Bottarga

How to Make It

Step 1

Heat a large nonstick skillet. Generously butter both sides of the bread slices. Add 2 slices of bread to the skillet and toast over moderately high heat, turning once, until golden and crisp on the edges, about 3 minutes total. Transfer to plates. Repeat with the remaining bread.

Step 2

Wipe out the skillet and melt the 4 tablespoons of butter in it. In a large bowl, beat the eggs with a generous pinch each of salt and pepper, then stir in the 2 tablespoons of chives. Add the eggs to the skillet and cook over moderately low heat, stirring constantly, until small curds form and the eggs are creamy, about 7 minutes. Remove the skillet from the heat and season the eggs with salt and pepper.

Step 3

To serve, spoon the eggs onto the toasts and generously top with finely grated bottarga and finely chopped chives.


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