This Simple Baking Soda Gender Test Tells If You Are Expecting A Boy Or A Girl

Gender Test

You usually find out your baby’s gender by doing an ultrasound test, at your gynecologist’s office.

You can also be very curious about the gender, so you cannot wait until the next appointment in order to find out.

So, in this article we are going to present you an easy method in order to find out your baby gender.

You will need some baking soda for making the gender prediction test, which has proven to be very accurate. You will also need a small disposable cup. You should put the baking soda and a little bit of your urine together in the cup, and watch the reaction between them.

It is probably a boy, when it frizzles like a soda pop and if it doesn’t, it is probably a girl.

This method has been used in 31 cases, and its accuracy in prediction has been proved to 22 of them.

Maybe you can’t trust the test 100%, but it is a very funny way of discovering your baby’s gender.


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