Shocking! World’s First Baby Born Without Skin Stuns Medical Experts (Graphic Photos)

Doctors have been left baffled after a baby was born with a severe condition which leaves the entire body encased in thick white plates separated by deep cracks. The condition means she was born without skin.
According to Paediatrician Dr Yash Banait, the tragic girl will have to moisturise her skin for the whole of her life.
He said: “There is no cure for this disorder. All that medical science can do is try to keep the baby alive.”
This painful disease leaves the afflicted child with grotesque features and requires constant treatment. She will have to use petroleum jelly and coconut oils applied to her skin and take special nutritional supplements for most of her life.
The little girl was born by a 23-year-old girl through Caesarean operation in the Indian city of Amravati. The condition is called Harlequin Ichthyosis condition and affects one in 300,000 births.
However, doctors will be fine if skin grafting is performed on her but because of her age, it cannot be done as the baby has no skin on her body at all.
Doctors also revealed that the child was not experiencing any breathing difficulties and she was in a stable condition.

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