Shebeshxt’s Lawyer Lot Ramusi Reveals Rapper’s Health Update

Shebeshxt’s lawyer has addressed rumors concerning the rapper’s health and the cause of his recent vehicle accident.

Just over a week after Shebeshxt was involved in a car accident, the rapper’s lawyer has spoken out about the event.

According to HowSouth, the rapper was aware that his daughter, who was with him at the time, died in the accident.

Lot Ramusi, speaking in an interview provided by Twitter user MDN News, addressed stories regarding the accident, including rumors that Shebeshxt lost his leg.

“I can confirm to you right now that he has not lost his leg. What we are concentrating on is for Shebe to get back on his feet and face the situation of his daughter.”

Ramusi called Julius Malema to assist the rapper when he was unable to acquire medical assistance at a nearby public hospital following his crash.

According to HowSouth, the EFF president helped Shebe seek medical attention and pay his bills.

Netizens are glad that the rapper is healing, especially given that he did not lose his leg:

LovethL45957 said:

“At least he didn’t lose a leg.”

Blaq_Mannequin was relieved:

“That’s a relief!”

Lady_S06 wrote:

“He is not my fave, but people were quick to judge him without knowing what really happened.”

Meanwhile, some netizens discussed the reports that the rapper faced charges of culpable homicide:

Miz_Ruraltarain sad:

“Lot Ramusi must stick to being a lawyer. This PR thing he is attempting is going to get messy. Shebeshxt is a reckless driver. @NPA_Prosecutes’s IT department must dig up his Facebook videos and tik tok.”

MrBANG_SA said:

“Twitter people said he must rot in jail without even getting the real story.”

TikiBoy_SA wrote:

“Of course they’d say the accident wasn’t his fault, even if it were.”

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