The largest and most populated city in South Africa, Johannesburg has a rich history and is a metropolis known as the cultural capital of South Africa. The different types of people who are attracted to the city are numerous, and the city has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. It typically serves as the gateway to the rest of the country (and even the continent) and tailors for every budget accordingly.

With some of the best restaurants in Africa, eating out in the city can be a very pleasant occupation. To add a bit of luxury that is hardly ever experienced elsewhere, the service in all South African restaurants is thought of as the most important aspect of eating out. As a result, personal waiters are assigned to each table, and as it is considered a professional occupation, the waiters themselves take pride in giving a five star service.

The range of eateries is immense, from fast food (South Africa is the home of Nandos Chicken) to top quality restaurants. A range of dishes that are traditional to the country include a traditional sausage known as Boerewors that is coarse and spicy, and once tasted will be one that you will remember (in a good way!). Other popular South African courses include Koeksisters, a doughy ball that is a traditional Afrikaans desert; Rooibos Tea, a herbal tea which is becoming more popular across the world; and Snoek, a fish dish that is smoked or cooked on an African barbecue, otherwise known as a braai.

Located on a high plateau, the climate of the city is fairly warm, and the summers are pleasantly hot whilst winters can be surprisingly cold. This variation means a lot of different activities have developed; from theatre to a zoo; there is something for everyone. With cinemas, theatres, casinos and nightclubs, nights in the city are fantastic and can be a lively way to enjoy the city.

Lion park Johannesburg
The Lion Park just outside Johannesburg – courtesy Chris Worden

Sports are extremely popular in the country, and with a large number of stadiums for almost every sport, this is an excellent place for the enthusiast to visit. Cricket, golf, rugby and football are a few of those that are popular. Adventurers would do well to look at the North West Province for a brilliant selection of sky diving, paragliding, climbing and many, many other activities. The Cape Winelands have a similar adventure experience coupled with a great wine tour through the beautiful countryside…brilliant for young and older travellers alike.

For shoppers, there are large malls which have everything from clothes to electronics, and with other entertainment available in them, everyone can enjoy a day shopping. There are around twenty of these malls around the city.

The city itself is incredibly scenic, and there are plenty of walks and tours that can be done. With big attractions such as the Nelson Mandela Bridge and Newtown Railway Station alongside smaller, less obvious ones including beautiful residential areas and decorations along the streets such as wooden carvings and bright colours.


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