See Why Sasco Declares War On “Racist Boerebond”

The South African Students Congress (Sasco) has been angered by the “apartheid tactics” employed by lobby group AfriForum

The South African Students Congress (Sasco) on Tuesday declared war on civil rights organisation AfriForum, labelling it a “boerebond, backward organisation”, following recent racial hostilities at universities.

At a press briefing, Sasco President Thabo Moloja spoke out strongly against AfriForum, blaming the organisation for the recent unrest at the University of Pretoria (UP) and the University of Free State (UFS).

AfriForum, however, told News24 that Sasco’s claims and comments were “ludicrous”.

Mojola said: “We are angered by apartheid tactics employed by AfriForum, a boerebond, backward organisation, masquerading as a civil rights movement. The organisation was established to preserve and protect white apartheid policies and white privileges.

“Its action to prevent policy dialogue on changing and transforming the Afrikaans mode of teaching to English as a medium of instruction in class is backward and racist.”

AfriForum’s CEO Kallie Kriel accused Sasco and the EFF of violent attacks against AfriForum Youth saying, “I am not surprised by this statement. It portrays what we said all along – that Sasco and EFF are the true aggressors.

“It’s quite ludicrous when they accuse someone of being the aggressor, yet they wage war. What we see on social media and videos is that our students are not aggressors, but are simply defending themselves,” he said.

Sasco said they were declaring war against AfriForum under the hash tags #WarOnAfriForum, #WarOnRacism and #WarOnWhitePrivilege.

Majola said they would negate whatever AfriForum stood for.

“We will not compromise our students on the basis of those who can take universities to court if they want to change the language policy. We will elevate it to the Constitutional Court if needs be. We have understood AfriForum uses the courts to protect white privilege, we are not interested in violence, we are interested in war against racism,” he said.

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