See What a South African Ambassador Living Abroad Receives in Allowances Each Year


South Africa spends over R3 billion on discretionary missions abroad, however there’s no cash with the expectation of complimentary training, recollect

Flicker and you may have missed it, however contained somewhere inside Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s small scale spending discourse from a week ago was subtle elements on stipends for South African represetatives living abroad.

Gordhan calls the total “incredibly liberal” and he is entirely right.

In case you’re posted off as an envoy, you’ll rake in the middle of R600 000 to R1.3 million every year in remittances. That is a sum paid on top of full pay rates, convenience, instruction and different stipends.

“Cost drivers in foreign missions – Over the past three years, the rate of spending growth at foreign missions has  exceeded the rate of rand depreciation. Spending growth was  driven largely by higher property costs, allowances for South African staff, and growth in  the number of locally recruited personnel.

“Cost-of-living allowances for South African staff at missions are exceptionally generous,  ranging from R600,000 to R1.3 million per year, and are paid on top of full salaries, accommodation, education and other allowances,” the statement said.

South Africa has the second most diplomatic embassies in the world, only behind the United States. It is estimated South Africa spends R3.2 billion each year on global diplomatic missions.


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