See Photos Of World Biggest Privately Owned Yacht

yacht source: tori.ng
According to Dailymail, the biggest privately-owned yacht in the world, which offers unrivaled luxury apartments which sell for up to £8.5million, is in London. The spectacular and massive ship is 644ft long and offers a non-stop cruise visiting all seven continents, is powering up the River Thames.
The amazing thing is that guests can spend as much as three to six months on the yacht cruising the world.
After leaving London, the ship, called The World, will set sail to Belle-Île-en-Mer, in France, followed by Spain, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Launched in 2002 it has 165 apartments, ranging from £660,000 to £8.5million for a top suite. The individual rooms are owned by around 130 families from around the world.
It has six restaurants, breathtaking lobby, stylish deli and grocery store, a boutique and showroom, billiard room and golf simulator across its 12 decks.
The World boasts of full-size tennis court at sea, a 7,000-square foot spa and fitness centre, and swimming pools, and sample 12,000 bottles of wine with advice from an on board sommelier.
There is such demand for each exclusive piece of real estate that there is a waiting list for certain room sizes, including three-bedroom flats and a six-bedroom penthouse suite that can accommodate up to 12 people.
The annual ownership fees are based on square footage and each room comes with its own internet access.
The World, which has a crew of around 280 people, last visited London in 2013. It’s average stay in port is around two-and-a-half days.
It flies the flag of The Bahamas and at 43,524 gross tons, it is the first ship of its size to burn marine diesel oil rather than heavy bunker fuel.

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