See Why Living In South Africa Just Got More Expensive

Winter is about to feel that little bit colder as households across the country will have to pay more for rates and services from Friday, 1 July, 2016.

Municipalities have increased the prices of electricity, water, refuse removal, sanitation and property rates, the SABC has reported.

People living in Johannesburg will see the following increase:

  • Rates – 6%
  • Electricity – 6.9%
  • Water and sewerage – 13.2%
  • Waste removal services tariffs will increase by 6% and 7.25% for businesses.

Tariff increases are also expected in other towns and cities, the SABC reported.

South Africans are becoming more heavily indebted, with interest rate hikes and the weak economy crippling households across the country.

Food prices have increased sharply in 2016 because of drought and other factors, while uncertainty remains around the fallout of Brexit, with many economists predicting a recession in the country in 2016.


Source: Business Tech


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