See How Actress Gabisile Tshabalala Reacted To #DeadPose

A rather disturbing trend known as the Dead Pose has dominated the social media over the last few days with users posting pictures of themselves “dead.”

The trend which dominated Twitter, saw people posing dead in a variety of ways. From images of people cutting their own throat to being impaled on a fence, those were what filled timelines.

While some people think the Dead Pose trend is funny, some others including actress Gabisile spoke strongly against it. Thus, taking to Instagram, former Scandal! actress Gabisile Tshabalala lambasted the #DeadPose trend, calling it “the devil’s work”.

Totally lost on the reason why people can be so insensitive with serious issues, Gabisile posted a collage of images from the trend and wrote; “I don’t know who or what started this, but I don’t find it funny nor understand how or why it’s trending”. She added that the trend has signs of the devil at work.

Also, she didn’t forget to say a little prayer for mercy before ending her post. “This is nothing but the devil’s work. Lord have mercy on us because we don’t know what we’re doing!” she wrote.

Meanwhile, psychologist Mara Zanella from the SA Depression and Anxiety Group has called on people to consider the feelings of others whenever they want to throw expensive jokes as this.

“People use humour as a coping mechanism but fail to understand the seriousness behind these images. You can’t control people’s voices and what they deem as funny but they need to practise caution and consider others. People make fun of suicide and depression but this often derives from a lack of knowledge,” Zanella said.

The actual source of the silly joke remains unknown, and its essence is still not clear.


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