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See 8 Funny Restroom Signs

man-toilet Image source: micturition syncope

While most public restrooms have the same boring signs, some places try to turn your restroom experience into an amusing interlude. You might be there for serious business, but what’s wrong with having a good chuckle as well?

Whether it’s a creative way of pointing you in the right direction, or advising you on etiquette.

These 8 signs will definitely make you smile.


1. These are in a category of their own

incontinence, toilet signs



2. This is not a toilet. We repeat: This is not a toilet!

toilet signs


3. This is like a fortune cookie . . .

toilet signs


4. It’s not just humans who have to obey the rules

toilet signs



5. Mostly for men . . .

toilet signs



6. The next person doesn’t want to be confronted with evidence of your visit

toilet signs




7. When nature calls

toilet signs



8. What goes in . . .

toilet signs




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