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SA’s Queen Of Controversy Zodwa Wabantu Reveals Why She Prefers Much Younger Men

Zodwa Wabantu has opened up about why she prefers younger men and why she feels that they are not using her. The entertainer is known to date men who are years younger than she is. She denied being a predator and insisted that she loved her baes. Speaking on a podcast chat with MacG, Zodwa insisted that she loved each and every one of her younger boyfriends.

When asked if the men are not using her to make a name for themselves, Zodwa said that they were not. The dancer said both parties understood the relationship they were going into. She knows that her role is to spoil the younger lover with gifts and all she wants in return is love.

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She added that things usually go south when the Ben 10 starts getting an ego and “thinks that they’re Chris Brown”. Zodwa said that her partner’s must never forget their place and that she will always be bigger than they are.

She also discussed the hate and criticism she gets about her looks and behaviour. The confident performer said that she has heard the comments about looking like a granny but it doesn’t affect her. The Durbanite said that she knows how special she is and she can still get any man in a room.


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