SA’s New High Commissioner To The UK Get Endorsed By The Queen

Nomatemba “Thembi” Tambo has formally been delegated as the South African High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. However, she needed to win the endorsement of one very royal, watchful eye.

At a blissful gathering brimming with grandeur and service, Tambo needed to exhibit her certifications to the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The occasion was additionally gone to by Xolani Xala, the author of South African Business Abroad (SABA).

Who is Nomatemba “Thembi” Tambo?
Thembi, the daughter of legendary anti-apartheid politician Oliver Reginald Tambo, has been given the go-ahead by Queen Elizabeth herself to fulfil the consulate duties.

She has previously served as the South African ambassador in Rome. Whilst in this role, she made headlines after offering to pay for a Port Elizabeth resident’s brain surgery back in 2014.

Thembi has also served as the head of the Tambo Foundation. It seems like her years in diplomacy and positions of trust have endeared the stateswoman to Her Majesty.

Who is Thembi Tambo replacing?
She is coming in for Obed Mlaba, who was recalled in secrecy at the end of 2017.

Mlaba was the Mayor of Durban for a 16-year stint from 1996 – 2012. Towards the end of his time in office, he was subject to an investigation by forensic auditors Manase. They accused him of ‘irregularly and unlawfully influencing’ a multi-billion rand landfill tender.

He was never charged for his alleged actions. However, Mlaba was refused security clearance for the High Commissioner role – one of the highest diplomatic posts one can hold – due to a string of untraceable dodgy deposits into his bank account.

It’s now up to Nomatemba to follow in her father’s footsteps, and serve the office with the same integrity her family are famous for.


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