Samsung Announces Bixby 2.0

They have announced Bixby 2.0, which will be ubiquitous, available on any and all devices.
This means having the intelligence of Bixby, powered by the cloud, act as the control hub of your device ecosystem, including mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators, home speakers, or any other connected technology you can imagine. Soon, developers will be able to put their services on any and all devices and will not have to reinvent their services each time they support a new device.

Samsung reveals that Bixby 2.0 will be wide open for developers to choose and model how users interact with Bixby in their services across all application domains e.g., sports, food, entertainment, or travel – the opportunities are truly endless.

Starting today a beta program with Bixby SDK will be available to select developers. Over time more participants will be added and eventually the Bixby SDK will be available to all developers.

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