Safest Countries In Europe To Travel In 2018


safest countries in europe

The safest countries to travel to in Europe for 2018 have been revealed, with some surprising entries.

Safe holiday destinations are at the top of most Britons minds when booking a trip abroad.

With political unrest and terrorist attacks, many countries may seem at risk for a holiday with the family.

Destinations further afield such as New Zealand or Canada have often been considered the safer options.

But where are the safest destinations to travel to in 2018 in Europe?

safest countries in europe

Some of the countries that are deemed safe due to a lack of attacks or social unrest are many of the Nordic countries, according to International SOS.

Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland all made the list, with Finland often coming out on top for safety.

They are also often said also be the happiest places, with Denmark’s welfare policies many it one where citizens are happiest.

However, there are other places in Europe that also appear to be outside of the danger that has plagued other countries in 2017.


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