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How To Be Safe On The Internet And With Online Banking

This week’s YOU – on sale now – has an article on a woman, Soozi Dinnie, who lost over half a million rand collected for a new wheelchair thanks to an email hacker. Here’s how to be vigilant on the internet:

  • Always be sure that you are on a websites proper address. The address in the top slot should always start with a green block and be followed by https://.
  • Don’t ever click on a link in an email which says it’s taking you to a bank’s website. Your bank would never send you an email with a link for you to update your details.
  • Avoid signing in to your online banking or email at an internet cafe.
  • Remember to sign out of your email if you are using someone else’s computer or cell phone and make sure that your username and password is not stored.
  • Set a sms reminder on your email account so that you receive a sms on your phone with a pin to verify that it is you.
  • Don’t transfer large amount of money to a new account until you’ve made double sure that the account number and name match.
  • Be 100% certain that you are on the right online banking website, for example www.absa.co.za
  • Never give out your pin or sensitive banking information over the phone or via email.


Source: You.co.za


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