So Sad! South Africa’s Infamous Serial Prison Escapee Ananias Mathe Dies

Infamous Serial Prison Escapee Ananias Mathe

South Africa’s most infamous criminal Ananias Mathe , a Mozambican national has died from a ‘digestive issue’ according to Times Live.

“Three weeks ago he was taken to hospital not feeling well. Twice (in that week) he was taken to a hospital in Kokstad‚ they would look at him and bring him back. Once‚ he was even taken in the middle of the night and brought back early that morning‚” a senior prison official in KwaZulu-Natal told Times Live.

The convicted rapist, murderer, hijacker, armed robber and house robber died in the King Edward VII hospital in Durban, South Africa, suffering from severe constipation and inability to urinate.

Mathe is only person to have ever escaped from the maximum high-security C-Max Penitentiary in Pretoria, South Africa according to Wikipedia.

The convict attempted twice to break out of the ultra-secure C-Max prison in Kokstad in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa and known for initiating bold prison breaks in other prison facilities across South Africa is said to have attempted to escape the most secure prison in the country as recently as September.

Mathe was found guilty on 64 of 71 charges including rape, attempted rape, attempted murder, robbery and theft, and was sentenced to 54 years imprisonment with a minimum of 43 years.


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