SACP Praises ANC’s Tough Stance On Corruption

The SACP has commended the ANC over its decision to remove and disassociate itself from leaders implicated in allegations of corruption and other serious crimes.

The communist movement said the move by the ruling party would help ensure that “culprits” are punished for their acts of wrongdoing and theft.

The party on Sunday held a briefing on the outcomes of its two-day central committee meeting which took place over the weekend.

SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande said while there were many positive features to the SA’s collective response to the Covid-19 pandemic, these were accompanied by “outrageous” negative features which included the looting of relief funds through tender corruption.

“Unfortunately these wanton acts of corruption are just one awful example of the rampant scourge of corruption and unethical behaviour across much of the public and private sector,” Nzimande said.

He added that the ANC had the duty to take the lead in fighting corruption both within its ranks and in the country.

“Much as the struggle against corruption must be waged on all fronts, it is important for the ANC as the governing party to take a lead in this regard, including a determined effort to confront all manner of fightback campaign including those fightback campaigns that are camouflaged in choreographed open letters,” said Nzimande.

He was referring to the scathing open letters written by former president Jacob Zuma and convicted ANC heavyweight Andile Lungisa to President Cyril Ramaphosa, blasting him for calling out corruption within the party.

They instead called on him to account for the billions of Rands which were pumped into his 2017 ANC presidential campaign.

Nzimande said the central committee had discussed and welcomed Ramaphosa’s letter to ANC members in which he called the party “Accused No1” in the dock in terms of corruption accusations linked to its members and leaders.

“The President spoke for a great majority of ANC and alliance members and supporters. He has the full support of the SACP in driving a firm anti-corruption line within our movement.”

Nzimande stressed that while corruption reached its height between 2009 and 2018, the country had still been plagued by levels of corruption before Zuma’s term began.


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