“SAC Will Never Tell ANC What To Do” – Nzimande

Blade Nzimande
Blade Nzimande


It would be dependent upon African National Congress (ANC) and not the South African Communist Party (SACP) to expel President Jacob Zuma from office‚ Dr Blade Nzimande said on Monday morning.

“We’re not going to be telling the ANC what to do. It’s up to the ANC itself to decide what to do‚” the SACP general secretary told Radio 702.

“Though we are allies‚ they are actually the governing party that assigns the president.”

He noted that there were problems within the tripartite alliance‚ saying: “We do have points of challenges and serious crisis that are facing us as a movement‚ as illustrated‚ by amongst other things‚ a not-so-great performance in the local government elections‚ and losing some of the metros‚ as well as challenges in parts of the state‚ and state-owned enterprises.”

Nzimande said that adding to these was “the corporate capture of the state‚ and all these things are causing stresses inside the movement and in the country as a whole”.

He said the SACP was most concerned about the “parasitic bourgeoisie that is seeking to capture the state and the problematic role that we see being played by the Gupta family for instance”‚ and added that the SACP was “the first organisation to raise this toxic role of the Gupta family”.

Nzimande played down suggestions that the SACP would split and compete alone in the 2019 national elections‚ and said the “issue was first raised 10 years ago” and recent headlines related to the most recent issue of what it called the “state power commission” report.

He said the SACP would “never got it alone” but would contest polls together with “other progressive forces”


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