SA Men are Trashy Modiehi Claims As Sh Found Out That Baby Daddy Is Married

Modiehi, who arguebly is one of the most loved celeb moms on the TL, recently openes up about how she found out that her daughter’s father was getting married to another woman.

This emerged after a tweep shared a shocking story about how her longtime bae got married and she only found out about it on the socials.

Modiehi said that story took her back to a sad moment in her own life.

“This reminds me: I was writing my first-year tertiary exams when I found out my daughter’s father was getting married to another woman!” she shared.

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Modiehi said she was living in a small town, where everybody knew that her baby daddy had married another woman – making her the subject of local gossip for months after it happened.

“I’d never imagined how this other girl is feeling. I was a laughing stock ko kasi then – for a long time,” she said.

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Although she didn’t share any more details, people flooded the comments section of the post with their own experiences. Modiehi engaged with her followers, sharing that the sad experience had taught her an invaluable lesson – and that she was not angry any more.




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