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SA Man Living In Florida Cries Out, Sharing The Full Extent Of Hurricane Irma

 South African man living in Florida says that he’s feeling the full force of Hurricane Irma.Des Parker, who is currently in Boca Raton, has experienced three hurricanes in his time abroad.

This storm is so big and powerful that Boca Raton is being pummeled by storm force winds, going up by 85mph.”

Parker says while several shelters have been opened in the region, he’s chosen to stay at home.

Image result for hurricane irma on des parker

Image result for hurricane irma on des parker

“I decided to stick it out in my home to curb any damage. Fortunately, the home has held up, but the area has been hammered by the storm. There’s a lot of wind, with debris and branches flying around.”

Parker says authorities are monitoring the storm closely.

“They’ve installed a radar system in Miami which has a reach of 300 miles. It allows them to see every single detail in the storm. They’ve been tracking it from just off the coast in Cuba, so you can see what’s happening in the storm and how to take proactive action.”

It’s understood at least 31 people have died as a result of the hurricane.



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