SA Flight-Wide Ban: SACAA Warns Passengers Against Travelling With Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Airports Company in South Africa today reminded international and domestic passengers that the national aviation regulator has issued new notice following the global recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile device.

Jason Tshabalala, Group Manager for Security at Airports Company urged passengers to heed the communication issued by the SA Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) to the effect that the device should not be carried on board aircraft at all.

This notice by the SACAA goes beyond the initial stance adopted by global regulators and airlines when the problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 first came to light.

“Following the new rules is essential for passenger safety. We also wish to avoid unnecessary delays at security check points and boarding gates which would also inconvenience other passengers,” said Tshabalala.

The rule does not apply to other Samsung devices.


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