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S3X Education: 6 Important Reasons Why You Must Use Protection Every Single Time (Must Read)

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9 Sexually Transmitted Diseases image source: www.zliving.com

We have heard it several times to abstain from pre-marital s3x but no matter how many times it is been said, most people still engage in it and some even go to the extent of having unprotected s3x which is why this article is a reminder of why you must abstain from unprotected s3x.

You are on a date and things are going smoothly. Soon you both take it to the next level and start getting frisky. As things heat up, you forget to use any form of contraception and have unprotected s3x. While it was a fun, wild night, it can have consequences. Here’s what can go wrong when you give contraception the cold shoulder. These are why you need to use protection, every single time.

Unwanted pregnancy: Those little guys are faster than you think. An unwanted pregnancy is one of the things that’s in store for the two of you if you ignore using any contraceptives. One alternative is getting an abortion which might cause complications later, not to forget the social stigma attached to it.

Babies: And if you both decide to go ahead with the done deed, get ready for many sleepless nights, crying baby and changing diapers. Your life will revolve around baby feeds, changing your routine according to the little one and barely having any energy to do anything else. Unless you are mentally prepared to do all this, use protection or contraception.

Infections: If you don’t want it to burn when you pee or people to run in the opposite direction when they see your junk, you know what to do. Infections due to unprotected s3x are common in both men and women making you unable to enjoy coitus.

HIV/AIDS: Yes, you can get HIV/AIDS if you don’t use protection and have s3x with someone who has it. You probably value your life a little more to skip using protection in haste. If not AIDS there are a host of other STDs that are also quite painful to live with.

No dating/s3x life: Have any of these and be ready to bid adieu to your dating life for a while which invariably means your s3x life too. That passionate night not looking so great anymore, right? If you want to have more nights like these, don’t forget your protection buddy because one slip can wreck your life.

Stress: Yes, you both had an awesome night but if you’ve done it without using protection, you’ll always be worried about it once the act is over. Are you pregnant? Did you get an STD? These questions will continue to haunt you for days which can be quite unnerving so why not save yourself the stress of been bothered and use protection.

So if you must have s3x, ALWAYS remember to use protection!!!!



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