Here’s What Government Bought With Your Tax Money In 2015

Stats SA has released the financial report for National Government for the 2014/15 financial year, revealing where all your tax money is being spent.

According to the report, an increase in tax collection in the past financial year led to a total income of R1.02 trillion, with taxes accounting for R986 billion of that figure, with the balance coming from grants and other sources.

The biggest government expense is in grants – financial awards to various programmes, business and otherwise, that are non-repayable – took a massive R685 billion chunk of available funds.

This is followed by social benefits (R126 billion) and employee compensation (R123 billion) which were the next biggest expenses by national government.

After interest, subsidies, purchases and other payments are taken into account, national government started the new financial year with a net outflow of R150 billion, R2.2 billion more than the start of the 2014/15.

Taking into account the cash flows from other financing activities – such as a net inflow of R181.5 billion worth of incurred liabilities and the acquisition of R4.1 billion worth of assets – national government’s net change in stock increased to R12.4 billion for the year.

Government spending


National government purchases amounted to R63.3 billion in the 2014/15 financial year. The biggest expense listed in the report is on “other structures” at R6.97 billion, with the department of justice and Constitutional development racking up the highest bill.

Non-residential buildings drew a bill of R3.44 billion, followed by transport equipment of R2.1 billion.

The graph below details how much government spent on these purchases:

Government purchases


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