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Royal Wedding Gift Bag: Would You Pay R497K For One?

The confetti has just barely been cleaned up, yet royal wedding visitors are squandering no time on taking advantage of the memorabilia gifted to them on the big day.

A number of gift bags given to members of the public, at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding on Saturday are now being sold online.

When HuffPost UK checked eBay – there were 39 active auctions ranging in price from £112 to £30,000 for one ‘Buy It Now’ option.

But how much do you have to love the royals to pay all that cash for a fancy party bag?

The bags contain an order of service booklet, fridge magnet, tube of ‘handbag shortbread’ (no, we don’t know what that is either), a gold chocolate coin and a bottle of water – to be honest the people who managed to resist eating and drinking those all day on Saturday, while stood outside in the sweltering heat probably deserve a medal (or £30,000).

There is also a 20% off voucher for the Windsor castle gift shop, just in case you fancy heading that way any time soon.

The £30,000 listing is from Maidenhead, and says: “This is your chance to claim a piece of history given after celebrating a special day.” And there’s even free postage. What more could you want?

If you’re feeling you want more value for money, there is another listing for the (relatively) meagre sum of £1000 that comes with its own set of limited edition Prince Harry and Meghan Markle china.

The hessian bags, bearing the initials ‘HM’ and the date of the occasion, were given to 2,640 members of the public who were invited into the grounds of Windsor Castle for the wedding.

They were not handed out to the 600 chapel guests, which included celebrities like Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Idris Elba and the royal family.

The BBC reports that one of the listings has been put up by the Swindon Night Shelter, promised all proceeds would go towards meeting “the complex needs of those homeless and vulnerable in Swindon and the surrounding area.”

In spring 2011, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married, more than 190,000 items of wedding-related merchandise were sold, according to the Royal Collection Trust, worth almost £4m.


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