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Robert Mugabe’s Death Predicted By Pastor Philip Mugadza, Says No Going Back On October 17

 The Pastor has refused to reverse whatever utterance he made last year concerning the death of the incumbent President of Zimbabwe. But the question is , has there are some days left for the so called prophecy, how true will it turn out to be.The so called “prophecy” got the preacher in trouble last year leading to several litigation process of which he was later acquitted

The Remnant Pentecostal Church leader who was also on trial for allegedly insulting and disrespecting the national flag, was eventually set free in April by Harare Magistrate Lazini Ncube.

Image result for Pastor Philip Predicts Robert mugabe deathThe ruling came after Mugadza’s lawyers Gift Mtisi, Obey Shava and Dorcas Chitiyo of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights filed an application for discharge at the close of the State case after arguing that the State had failed to prima facie case against the clergyman.

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32 days are what is left before the “Robert Mugabe Will Drop Dead By 17th October 2017” prediction by Pastor Phillip Patrick Mugadza.

Pastor Mugadza last year declared that Mugabe will be a dead man by the 17th October this year. While on the program, Mugadza was threatened by some ZANU PF supporters with one woman writing to him, “this prophecy yenyu ichakunza pama One.”

To this Mugadza then replied saying he was already “pama One,” and is fully ready to go “pama Two.” He has refused to reverse his prediction, said to be un-African according to tradition.


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