“Riky Rick Is Not On Our Level Anymore!” – Somizi Shades Rapper

somizi show

Living the dream with Somizi, returned to TV screens on Thursday evening and brought more shade than a nearby forest.

Fans had been waiting several months for the second season of the hit show and flooded social media with memes and jokes in reaction to the shade that was being thrown on screen by Somizi and his friends.

And while Somizi fired more shots than an AK-47 at a shooting range, it was rapper Riky Rick who was hit the hardest. 

Somizi was telling audiences how he needed to get new friends and would rather hang out with some A-list celebs. He mentioned some pretty big names but paused when mentioning Riky Rick.

“I was going to mention Riky Rick but since he is no longer part of Mabala…which means he is no longer on our level anymore,” Somizi told audiences.

It was all too much for Twitter users who were watching.


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