Revealed: Why Some Men Love Older Women


What is the right age bracket that should be between a man and a woman in a relationship or marriage? Does age really matter?    These are some of the questions relating to relationships that we ask ourselves daily.

In the society we are, today this is an issue that is quite controversial; Africans believe that the man should be older because he is the head of the family. As the head of the family he should be the eldest, in the western world it is a similar situation but does not apply to all situations.

When we talk about religious views concerning this topic, the views are not quite farfetched especially in this part of the world but religion doesn’t stress the age factor.

In the 21 century, men marry women who are older, below are some of the reasons:

  1. For love: This is one of the major reasons, most men go against the law of society to marry a woman who is older than him.

  2. Respect and responsible: Most men feel older women are respectful and more responsible, especially in difficult times they are more supportive and understanding.

  3. Financial stability: Society believes a man may marry an   older woman because she  is financially stable, well statically speaking this is true in some cases

  4. Her biological clock is ticking gradually and so sometimes she might settle for someone younger who is willing to walk down the aisle. This happens both in the western world and Africa of course with raised eyebrows.

  5. Finally, older women believe younger men are more sexually active and flexible. Some women believe dating or marrying a younger man makes you feel alive.

A relationship is the bedrock of a society. It is what keeps us together.

Age they say is a number and maturity is the key, let’s see your views in the comment box about this topic, many people claim they can but after awhile the age issue might creep in sometimes leading to divorce, while some do and they live happily together.

I believe what matters most is good communication and loving your partner or spouse truly. Also when you have the right level of self –esteem age shouldn’t be an issue.


Written by How South Africa

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