Revealed: Why You Should Eat More Rice

cooked rice

Rice is an everyday staple that most people can’t go a day without eating even though there is always warning to stay away from eating too much rice because it is high in carbohydrate but this warning still doesn’t stop the massive consumption of rice per day but did you know that even with the high carbohydrate in rice it has different health, skin and hair benefits?

Below are some reasons why you should eat rice.

Rice prevents heart disease.

It aids proper bowel movement.

Rice nourishes the skin and makes the skin look younger.

Rice is good for breastfeeding mothers.

It helps prevent cancer.

Rice help control weight loss.

Rice keeps the immune system strong.


The ferulic acid in rice is helpful because it acts as an antioxidant that protects and make the skin free from radicals.

Rice chemical structure helps in regeneration and reduction of dead or damaged skin cells, it contains oryzanol substances that help renew the skin pigment as well as useful to counteract ultraviolet

Rice heals damaged hair.

Rice treats dandruff.

Rice cures eczema.


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