Revealed: The Amusing Story Behind Jack Parrow’s Trucker Moustache

Jack Parrow in an interview with Movember personality, disclosed the amusing story behind his Trucker moustache.

Read the full interview below:


How long did it take you to grow your moustache?

I just woke up the morning after I drank my first brandy and coke and it was there.

I don’t know who grew it for me, or if it jumped off some moustached man’s face when he passed away, but it’s mine now.

‘Regent’, ‘Rock Star’, ‘Connoisseur’… there are so many different stache styles. What made you choose the ‘Trucker’?

I never chose my moustache, my moustache chose me, like a mystic sword or that red-and-white poke ball thing.


What’s the best thing about having a moustache?

Just all the wisdom it bestows on you. You know when people twirl their moustaches when they are thinking… well they aren’t really thinking. That’s how your moustaches speaks to you. It’s kind of like braille but moustache braille, Maille.


Who are your celebrity moustache crushes?

My moustache tends to hang out with Tom Selleck’s moustache a lot, they chat and exchange tips etc.

Also Eagles of Death Metal singer Jesse Hughes’s moustache pulls in every now and then. Being musicians we’re both on the road a lot, so they don’t get to see each other that much anymore. I think one day when things calm down a bit they’ll be able to hang out more.

Tom Selleck (right), Jack Parow (middle) and Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal (left) all own some serious moustaches. Image: Selleck: Jojo Whilden/CBS via Getty Images; Hughes: Andrew Benge/Redferns via Getty Images


How often do you trim your moustache?

Every now and then, but he hates a haircut, so I try to keep it to the minimum just to avoid the tantrums.


Tell us about your stache grooming routine.

My moustache doesn’t need any grooming, just high quality food and beverages. Because, you know, everything I put in my mouth he also tastes. So don’t be inconsiderate, give your moustache the good stuff and you will never have to groom him, ever.


Do you use any male styling products on it?

No. The words ‘male’, ‘moustache’ and ‘styling products’ should not be said in the same sentence.


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