Report: SA’s High Commissioner to Singapore a Convicted Drug Smuggler.


Should you ever find yourself in Singapore and craving a little blow, be sure to hit up Hazel Francis Ngubeni; she’s well-known for her time as a global drug smuggler when she worked as an air hostess for SAA.

The Sunday Times yesterday reported that Ngubane, who serves as our high commissioner to Singapore, spent two years in a US prison after being caught trying to smuggle cocaine into the States back in 1999; a little incident she failed to mention when she was nominated to be high commissioner back in 2013.

Ngubeni claims it wasn’t her bag and one might agree with her, had this not been the second time she had been caught smuggling drugs. Back in 1995 she was charged with trying to smuggle nine kilos of heroin into SA from Thailand… the charges didn’t stick as one witness got cold feet and refused to testify.

SAA fired Ngubane after the second smuggling saga.

Read the full report in yesterday’s Sunday Times.

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