Removal of Nelson Mandela Statue for Movie Shoot Causes Outrage

Nelson Mandela delivered his first public speech after his release at the Grand Parade in Cape Town on the 11th of February 1990. It became an iconic day that South Africans won’t forget.

A statue of Ntate Madiba was installed at Cape Town’s City Hall to remember and honour this day and event.

However, 29 years later, the City of Cape Town gave permission for the statue to be removed – on the 11th of February. The removal was done to accommodate the shooting of an international movie.

Many South Africans are outraged that the statue would be moved on the day that commemorates the events of 11 February 1990.

IOL News reported that activists and politicians reacted to the removal with outrage.

While it was only a temporary removal, it was done in almost secrecy as no one was informed of the plans to move the statue.

We gathered that Patricia de Lille, ex-mayor of Cape Town and leader of the GOOD political party feels that those behind the removal doesn’t care about SA’s history.

The statue shouldn’t be moved especially on this day. On this day we made history. It is the day where thousands of people sang and danced in joy to see Mandela for the first time.

We must honour our history and past and that is what the statue of Mandela stands for at City Hall.

Xolani Sotashe, ANC Chief Whip in Cape Town says the ANC is upset by what happened.

As ANC in the council we are very much disturbed. To remove the statue without us knowing says a lot. We want to know who authorised that the statue be temporarily relocated and brought back without the people knowing.

Imagine tourists who come in here to view Mandela’s statue and find him not there. This is disrespecting the people of the Western Cape and the ANC.

We have seen companies shooting films even next to Louis Botha’s statue, but they never removed or covered it, why are they doing it with Mandela’s statue?

Tony Ehrenreich, former Cosatu provincial secretary, stated that Mandela’s statue is an important part of SA’s history.

The statue plays a significant part in our history. On that day people from all walks of life came together to listen to Mandela speak after years in prison.

It is wrong to remove the statue, whoever is involved should have thought about this.


Written by How South Africa

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