‘I Remember Vividly How they Killed My Husband’.. Osama Bill Laden Youngest Wife Recounts That Last Night

The story of Osama’s end has been told several times and varying accounts of the encounter were given by the US Navy SEALs involved in the operation, the US Government and Intelligence sources. But now, for the first time, authors of the book, The Exile, Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy managed to find out Osama’s fourth and youngest wife Amal and children who were with him during his last moments and recorded their version of the event.


Along with Amal bin Laden and her children, bin Laden’s second wife Khairiah and third wife Seham and son Khalid, 22 were also living in the house.


First wife Najwa married Osama as a teen and bore him 11 children. However, she left him two days before the 9/11 attacks.

As per an excerpt published in The Sunday Times UK, which titles Watching Daddy Die, Amal remembers the sound of the US Black Hawk chopper which landed in their compound about midnight in Abbottabad where Osama and his family were hiding for six long years. Amal also recalls the expression of fear on her husband’s face when he was awake due to the disturbing sound.

Osama lost no time in observing the situation and as the sound of the SEALs came nearer to the house, his family—three of his four wives and their children huddled in the bedroom upstairs. As the family prayed, Osama told his wives to go down with the children saying “They want me, not you”.

However, Amal insisted on staying by the side of her husband with their son Hussein.

The Navy SEAL team crept towards their room killing one of Osama’s sons Khalid and clashing with his daughters Sumaiya and Miriam on the way. Amal was sure someone very close to them had given away the location of their “safe house”: The betrayal of someone close had turned the house into a death trap. “It was sure, she thought”

The family’s account of the event reveals that bin Laden had made no emergency planning for such an assault. Amal recalls that there was no emergency procedure to follow “except some euros sewn into her husband’s underwear along with emergency numbers for his subordinates in Waziristan region.

Amal tried to stop the Navy SEALs when they entered the room, but they shot her in the leg after which she passed out. Amal regained consciousness after some time only to find her husband dead. Her son Hussein who had witnessed the killing of his father was shivering with fear, sat by her side.

Amal stayed motionless and “played dead”, as she listened to the SEALs holding the terrified Sumaiya and Miriam and bin Laden’s second wife Khairiah next to his body to confirm his identity. An Arabic speaking SEAL yelled to his colleagues after the confirmation was completed.

They took bin Laden’s body and the family downstairs. Khairiah tried to kiss her son Khalid whose body was lying on the stairs but was dragged away. Osama’s body was taken away in one of the helicopters while injured Amal clutched her son Hussein


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