The Registrar-General’s Office Declares Emergency Passports Issuance

The Registrar-General’s Office has continued issuing emergency travel permits, reports that it had come up short on paper to print visas inferable from outside cash deficiencies.

The workplace suspended the issuing of urgent international IDs a week ago to clear an overabundance of more than 2 000 travel papers.

Individuals from people in general who were looking for the crisis venturing out records were compelled to apply for the “typical” travel permit, which costs $53.

A crisis international ID, which takes 24 hours to be prepared expenses $318, while the one for three days costs $253.

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He said his office was serious in discharging its duties and wanted the public to be happy. Mr Mudede said everything was normalizing and urgent passports will be processed within the

“When we say within 24 hours what we mean is that, within that period if you are leaving on a plane and you come to us crying for an urgent passport we can produce it in 30 minutes which is within the 24 hours,” he said.

He denied the reports that his office had run out of passport paper saying, “Who told them that. I never said that. People postulate. People say a lot of things and this comes again back to the question of the metal identity card.”

Mr Mudede denied saying the metal ID was going to be outlawed saying he only encouraged people to take advantage of the mobile registration to replace their metal ID cards.

“When I was saying replacement, I meant those with a very old metal ID which is no longer easy to read because it has overstayed its time. You give us that one we replace it. You give us the piece of paper that waiting pass, which is green in colour with a picture that has been destroyed or has been defaced and cannot be seen properly it cannot be read so we can replace it,” he said.

“People talk about the plastic ID. We don’t talk about plastic. We talk about the synthetic one which is pretty strong. I don’t know why people went on rampage on the issue of the metal ID saying Mudede has abolished this, I never did.”

Mr Mudede advised people with metal IDs to have them replaced saying his office was ready to deal with a large number of people in the country seeking to do so


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