Reasons Why That Man You Went On Date With Didn’t Call You Back

Have you at any point gone out with somebody you extremely enjoyed however you didn’t get notification from him again after the first date?
Did you ever text a man after a fantastic evening out and he didn’t reply?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that men and women are very different. Men, unlike women, are logical. They don’t spend hours obsessing over everything they do.

Men are simple – they either like us or they don’t.

Here are nine reasons why you might have had an amazing date but you never heard from the guy again:

1. Zero chemistry
Chemistry isn’t something that can be explained. A man can think you’re gorgeous, smart, well-dressed, very sweet and awesome, but he just didn’t feel any chemistry.

If the connection wasn’t there, he won’t be asking you out again

2. Rudeness
Sometimes women act rudely on a date. They forget to treat everyone with kindness. They aren’t friendly to doormen, waiters or taxi drivers. There’s never a reason to be anything but nice to everyone you meet.

Being bitchy or obnoxious isn’t cool. If you’re disrespectful to anyone, your date is unlikely to want to see you again.

3. Lateness isn’t tolerated
Arriving fashionably late is a huge faux pas. Making someone wait shows a lack of respect for the person you’re meeting. It makes people think you’re inconsiderate. If you’re late for a date, it can easily put things in a sour mood from the get-go and ruin your chances of receiving a follow-up phone call.

A man can think you’re gorgeous, smart, well-dressed, very sweet and awesome, but he just didn’t feel any chemistry

4. He met someone else
Your date could have thought you were wonderful. He might have had a great time and was planning on asking you out again. And then … he met someone else the next night, who he liked better. He chose to pursue her, instead of you, even though he thought you had a really, really good date.

It happens all the time. Don’t take it personally, he wasn’t for you!

5. You offended him
Men generally aren’t as sensitive as women, but they can get offended. It’s important to always be nice. Kindness is contagious. I certainly wouldn’t want to go on another date with someone who had hurt my feelings. Insulting someone isn’t nice.

If you say something that your date thinks is rude, don’t expect him to call you.

Men generally aren’t as sensitive as women, but they can get offended

6. No future here
Sometimes you go on a date and both of you have a nice time, but, for him, something was off. He could have thought you’re extraordinary, but he just didn’t see a future with you.

Some men, (not all!), have an idea about what type of woman they want to marry and take home to meet their family. You could be a total catch, but he just didn’t think you’d fit into his life long-term.

7. No sexy time
You might go out with someone and he had a terrific time, but he wasn’t sexually attracted to you. He enjoyed talking with you but he couldn’t imagine himself being intimate with you. He put you in the friend zone from the moment you met.

8. Intellectual curiosity
Being intellectually stimulating is essential. Men want to date a woman from whom they can learn. They’re attracted to women who are curious and challenging.

Men want to date a woman that they can learn from

As an example, if he likes talking about football and politics, and you enjoy conversing about shopping and cooking, he most likely won’t want to go out with you again. Don’t be discouraged, there’s someone out there who has the same interests as you.

9. You’re not available
Not everyone is emotionally available. Some women don’t realise that they appear unavailable, but they do. Often, they talk about their job 24/7 or they mention all the things that they have going on in their life. To men, that isn’t a good thing. Men want to date someone who’s independent and has a life, but is able to make them a priority. If you come across as too busy, the chances of a second date are slim.

Now that you know the main reasons why men don’t call women back, accept it and move on. Don’t overanalyse everything and get upset. Realise that you’re fabulous.

If you went out with someone you liked and he didn’t get in touch with you again, move on. Know that you deserve better. There are plenty of remarkable guys out there who will want to go out with you again and will be very excited about it!


Written by How South Africa

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