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These Are The Reasons Britons Migrate En-mass To South Africa

You wonder above all why Britons even with their professionals will rather find their settlements in South Africa. They feel comfortable there. Doing business feels more profitable

Here are five reasons Britons seeking job opportunities, a better quality of family life, or a change of scenery for retirement are choosing South Africa as their new home.

  1. There is something for everyone

South Africa is huge, with 2,798 kilometers of coastline extending crosswise over two seas, the Indian and the Atlantic. Covering 1.2 million square kilometers, it is the 25th-biggest nation on the planet, which implies there’s something in SA that’ll get everybody’s favor.

2. It has Cape Town and it also has Johannesburg 

Cape Town is considered a standout amongst the most delightful, multicultural urban communities on the planet. It offers a mix of legacy destinations, present day framework and energetic urbanization. From amazing views to climbs and a few open air exercises, Cape Town has such a great amount to offer the expat.

Joburg is the bustle to Cape Town’s calm. It is a highly sought-after destination for expats as it is the centre of the South African mining industry and a thriving financial and employment hub.  Property prices tend to be cheaper than in Cape Town and it’s certainly more affordable to live there than in major cities in Australia, Canada, France and Hong Kong.

3. It offers an outdoor lifestyle second to none

The weather is glorious; there are beautiful landscapes and coastlines to enjoy; and amazing wildlife. It’s a great place for expats raising children as well. In fact, a recent expat survey by Inter-nations found that South Africa is one of the best countries in the world for leisure activities for kids.

4. It’s affordable

Financially, British expats can do well in South Africa. Assuming that they have a nest egg or a steady income, their money goes further in South Africa than at home. The cost of living is 36% lower than in the UK, while rent is reduced on average by 49%[1].

5. Loads of Britons already live in SA

There is a well-established British expat network that proves very comforting and useful to newcomers. You’ll find yourself with an instant group of friends who understand what you are going through and can offer invaluable advice and guidance.  



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