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Read What Kevin Hart Had To Say On His South Africa’s Tour And Why He Admires Trevor Noah

Kelvin Hart

Ahead of the Joburg leg of his What Now? tour, US comedian Kevin Hart chatted about the amazing reception he’s had in SA and why he admires Trevor Noah.

Hart admits that he had no idea what to expect in South Africa or how he’d be received beyond the show. “Now that I’ve been here, it’s easier to plan ahead,” said Hart. “It will be something that’s on my list annually, and I’ll get to treat South Africa the same way I treat the rest of the world.”

Upon his arrival at Cape Town International Airport last week, Hart said he felt overwhelmed.

He’s since boasted two packed shows in the country, at Cape Town’s Grand Arena on Saturday evening and at the International Convention Centre in Durban on Monday. Hart heads to the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg for a show on Wednesday, 30 March.

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Hart believes his gift to make people laugh carries value. “Anything that I do in my career brings people together from all races, shapes and sizes.”

“The best part is that I’m doing stadiums and arenas that are huge. I look around and nobody is the same. I relate to everyone; my jokes are translating all over the globe. It’s all overwhelming and I’m humbled by how everything is growing.”

Hart was quick to dismiss rumours that he was mugged in Durban during his stay there. “The media can twist and alter things that don’t exist,” he said. “I had the most amazing time in Durban.”

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He also expressed his delight about how South African comedian Trevor Noah is winning the hearts of Americans as host of The Daily Show, and reiterated how proud South Africans should be.

“He’s a comedian who came over to the States and didn’t feel he needed to become what the States wanted him to be,” Hart said. “He’s very proud of his heritage and that’s quite evident.”

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“As a comedian, you grind – you go through so much and you work hard for that big moment because you don’t know when it will come,” he added. “Trevor’s big moment was one of the toughest because everyone wanted to see the guy replacing Jon Stewart fail. But he stood in those shoes and did an amazing job – his monologue was efficient; he didn’t stutter nor fumble. He told the world, ‘Not only am I here, I am serious about being here.’”

“I’m a fan of success,” Hart adds. “I’m a fan of people who make history, and Trevor is making history in his own right. You’ll never hear any negative response from me about a man who puts his blood, sweat and tears into making his craft work and can show results.”

Hart let slip that Noah might be coming to the Joburg show tomorrow evening – so if you’ve got a ticket, keep an eye out!

source: Destinyconnect


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