Read The Inspiring Love Story Of A Gcwalisile Duma Who Finds Love With A Beautiful Lady

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A 50-year-old man, Bhekisisa Duma, is a blind man but he has found love with beautiful 48-year-old woman,  Gcwalisile Duma – who is partially blind.
According to Daily Sun SA, Bhekisisa Duma heard the voice of Gcwalisile Duma out of over 100 people at an event and immediately knew she was the one for him.
The two were attending a course in 2012 on the use of Braille at the KZN Society for the Blind and Deaf.
However, it was not love at first sight.
Bhekisisa and Gcwalisile knew each other for a year before their relationship bloomed into love, but since then they have never looked back.
Daily Sun SA reports that Bhekisisa from Mayville, Tshwane, who is totally blind, said it was noisy in the hall, but his ears picked up a woman’s soft and humble voice.
“I was born blind and I struggled to find the love of my life. I never saw Gcwalisile, but the humility in her voice made me realise she was the one,” said Bhekisisa.
He said he started proposing to Gcwalisile just after he met her, but she accepted him in her life only towards the end of 2013.
“Lobola negotiations started in February this year and I paid her family nine cows.
“We had a white wedding at the Hope of Glory Church in Mayville and since then we have been living together,”he said.
An excited Gcwalisile told Daily Sun they are trying for a baby. “Age is against us, but we are hoping for a miracle.
“We will have to consider other options if I do not fall pregnant,” she said.
“I have two daughters aged 23 and 25 years from a previous relationship, but Bhekisisa has none,” she said.
Gcwalisile was not born blind but started losing the sight in her left eye in 2010.
“I’m glad our families accepted and gave their blessing to our marriage,” she said.

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