Rare Footage Shows Locals Looting Truck: “Together We Can Loot the Country”

On Saturday, another video was shared on social media which showed motorists and passersby looting an overturned truck.

On 16 February, 2019, Intelligence Bureau SA shared a video on Facebook which showed an overturned truck on the N1 North, Olifantsfontein.

In the video motorists and community members can be seen looting the truck while all emergency services were on the scene.

The video quickly went viral, reaching over 173k views in just a couple of days.

We gathered South Africans were left furious over the footage and some went as far as to blame the political leaders for the actions of the looters.

Majid Saffari commented: “Oh it’s so nice to see everyone come together. DA, EFF, ANC, BFL….! When it comes to looting we all put our differences aside and join as one! South Africa, together we can loot the country till there is nothing left!!!!”

Loyiso Makunga added: “Expropriation of Mac washing powder without compensation.”

Tamryn Redgrave wrote: “They are only doing what they are taught to do by their leaders, loot the country.”

Neil Schoeman said, “Look Ramaposa. Look what u are teaching them!!”

Pogiso Khambula added: “SA is gone down the drain.We say we want to build economy how can we with a lot of lootings.Sad day very sad.”

Take a look at the video below:


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