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Flashback: Rare Antarctic King Penguin Spotted In Buffels Bay

A King penguin has waddled its way all the way from Antarctica onto Buffels Bay Beach in Cape Point.

The King penguin was spotted waddling along the beach and later assesed by SANCCOb for any medical concerns they might have had. The penguin has also sparked a tremendous amount of interest from birdwatchers across the country, therefore, South African National Parks (SANparks) urge the public to keep their distance from the penguin

They said:

“We urge the public to keep their distance from the penguin as his activity will be monitored over the next few days.”

For now officials will leave the bird as is and keep monitoring its activities. Rangers will be looking after the big guy for now while birdwatchers from all over take pictures of this rare sighting.

The King penguin

The King penguin is said to be the second-largest species of penguin, smaller, but somewhat similar in appearance to the emperor penguin. There are two subspecies found on several Antarctic and sub-antarctic islands. They are definitely not a common sight in South Africa. These penguins reportedly weigh up to 17 kg and can reach a height of 100 cm. They also feed on small fish, squid or crustaceans and have been known to dive up to 300 m deep when hunting.

What’s more, once a young penguin leaves the colony, they are unlikely to return for at least three years when it is ready to mate. 

Ecologists maintain that there are between one million and two million breeding pairs worldwide, and this number is increasing.


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