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Ramaphosa On Police & Army As A Force Of Kindness, Chancers And Saving Lives

President Cyril Ramaphosa has urged South Africans to abide by the measures put in place for the nationwide lockdown.

Delivering well wishes on the eve of the 21-day lockdown, Ramaphosa encouraged members of the police and the defense force to act with compassion and authority in a time of uncertainty and fear.

Here are five quotes from Ramaphosa’s address

Force of kindness

“Our people will be looking to you to give them assurance, not as a force of might but as a force of kindness. They must know that you will be looking after them. Go and support our people. Go and defend our people.”

Defender of the nation

“The people of our country will be looking upon you as their defenders, and defenders of the nation.

“Many of our people are fearful and doubtful. They are concerned about the coronavirus and their lives. You will need to restore trust and confidence.”

Working with the police

“Your mission is to go out and defend the people of South Africa. The SANDF  must work with the police, walk among our people and defend them against Covid-19.

“You are called upon to do so in the most understanding, most respectful and most supportive way.”

Save lives

“This is the time for SAPS to provide a service to the people of South Africa. I call upon you from the bottom of my heart to have a notion of going out to save lives.

“If you know this, you will be supported. You must advise, guide and lead the way. That is what we expect.”


“There will be those who take chances and cut corners, deliberately challenging the state.

“This is not the time to play with fire. The people of South Africa must follow the rules. We are deadly serious about saving lives. Those who do wrong things will feel the wrath of the South African state.”


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