Racist Attack Pizza Delivery Man

The vicious racist attack on a pizza delivery man in Port Elizabeth which saw the driver of a bakkie intentionally knock down a Debonairs employee on his motorbike leaves me cold and disgusted‚” said Trollip.

“The man responsible for this must be criminally investigated‚ given the video proof that clearly shows the premeditated attack taking place.”

Luigi Recchia‚ 40‚ the operations manager at Debonairs Pizza in Cape Road‚ said although it was reported as a “minor incident” at the time because the driver did not sustain any injuries‚ he is highly disturbed by the footage.

“I am very upset by this. The driver and I plan to open a case with police later today‚” Luigi said.

The video shows a white man in a bakkie intentionally knocking down a black pizza delivery man on a motorbike. The driver of the bakkie refers to the deliveryman‚ among other things‚ as “a one pizza k***r”.

The incident appeared to happen as the two drivers were pulling away from the traffic light at Conyngham Road‚ both turning right into Cape Road. Speaking in Afrikaans‚ the man in the bakkie uses foul language and uses a racial slur several times to refer to the delivery man as he films the incident himself.

The video footage posted on Facebook shows the delivery man lying on the tarred road in Cape Road after he is struck by the vehicle.

“We need unwavering commitment to redress from every South African; a deliberate and conscious effort to work together to right the wrongs of our past‚” said Trollip.

“We have to do this together‚ without exception‚ otherwise we will struggle to shake off the shackles of our dark history.”

Source – timeslive


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