“Racism” Pretoria School Suspends Sick Pupil

A Pretoria school has been accused of suspending a learner for missing a day of school.

The parent told newsmen that his daughter was summarily suspended after taking a day off to see a doctor.

The parent explains that on May 16, he sent an email to Cornerstone College informing them that his daughter would be going to the doctor the following day.

He alleged that when his daughter returned to school the following day, she was accused of feigning sickness and summoned to the principal’s office, where she was told to look for another school for next year as she would not be re-registered.

The parent said the grade 11 learner had a medical certificate with her, but the principal had not even given her an opportunity to present it.

“She did not even bother to ask for a medical certificate which my daughter had on her at the time,” he said, adding that at the school, learners were not allowed to speak unless given permission to.

“She would have been in more trouble if she had spoken without being permitted to do so.”

The unhappy parent said he was denied a meeting with the principal to sort out the problem. He also accused her of racism.

“She is happy to receive money from black parents but she does not want to speak to them,” he said, adding his daughter had become despondent.

“I had to move her to another school but Cornerstone was making that process difficult.”

He claimed his daughter was denied a transfer letter and term report which were required by the new school.

Cornerstone Director Rob Hurlin said the parent had embarked on a smear campaign after the school declined his request for the learner to be readmitted.

“His request for readmission to the school proves that his racism accusations are unfounded.”

Hurlin said the school had not received the transfer letter and portfolio requests.

Last year, another unhappy parent protested outside the school demanding reasons for their child’s expulsion.

That parent also accused the school of racism.

More learners have since come forward alleging bad treatment by the school management.

Hurlin said the isolated allegations of racism against the school were by disgruntled parents whose children had failed to comply with the school’s code of conduct.

“Proof of racism has never once been produced,” he said.

He said the school was obliged by law to carefully monitor learner absenteeism.

The parent said the Department of Education had told him it could not meddle in the affairs of Independent schools when he reported the incident.


Written by BT

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