Pulane Lenkoe Opens Up About Abusive Relationship

Pulane Lenkoe has accused her ex-boyfriend of beating and punching her in the face

The socialite took to Instagram this week to share pictures of injuries she sustained in the alleged abuse.

While she did not name her abusive ex, Reporters has identified the man at the centre of her claims as soccer star Katlego Mphela

Pulane says her ex once beat her so badly that her clothes were covered in blood.

The law student says she finally decided to get out of the relationship in April, after yet another apology from her partner.

He had taken her out to dinner to apologise for getting upset that her phone died while she was at friend’s wedding.

But things turned sour on their way back home, when she says her ex, who had had a few drinks, started insulting her again

“[Then] out of nowhere he started hitting me with fists on my face telling me I have no respect for him, he is busy trying to show me how much he appreciates me then I want to leave him, [he] said” who leaves the man who wants to make you a wife just cause he put his hands on you a few times, today I’ll show what a real beating looks like (sic),” she wrote.

Pulane, who was driving on the freeway at the time, says she managed to pull over.

“That was the day I decide to take pics and keep them this time around. Because I had forgotten about the last time my clothes were bloodied and both my eyes were black eyed, my body had bruises all over and lied to everyone close to me said I was involved in a car acc (sic).”

She added that she had taken pictures before, but deleted them

“He convinced me to delete them in order for us to move on, after he told me he will never allow himself to touch me again, blamed it on stress and insecurities, so I forgave him.”

Pulane is now out of the abusive relationship, and says she decided to speak out now to get closure after her ordeal

“I’ve had time to reflect and get over this whole traumatic experience long ago, it’s just that I was not ready to talk about it till now, this was my way of finally getting that closure as I am ready for a new chapter in my life,” she said in another post.

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