Protective Hairstyles For When It’s Cold

Typically, the harmattan season starts from late November and comes to an end as February ends. With harmattan comes dryness that causes your hair and skin to become very dry.

If you have kinky, curly or multi-textured hair you should already know that Afrocentric hair and the cold do not go well together. Your hair can get so dry causing split ends and hair breakage, as a result, your hair would even more nourishment this period.

This is why it is necessary to opt for protective hairstyles to keep your hair tamed and healthy even with the harmattan dryness and cold. Here are seven (7) protective hairstyles to help your hair retain moisture and aid hair growth:

Faux Locs
A very popular protective hairstyle, dreads have overtime been a go-to hairstyle for people with Afrocentric hair. Recently, it has become even easier to get dreads done without the years of efforts it usually takes.

Faux locs have become a trendy, popular option not only because they are effortlessly cool, but also because they are incredibly chic. They come in different colours and can last for more than a month with proper maintenance. This makes them perfect for your protective needs.

They can be done by twisting or braiding your natural hair and then proceeding to wrap more synthetic hair around your hair until it’s completely covered. It’s a great way to avoid leaving your natural hair exposed to the cold air because it is completely hidden.

The Braided Ponytail
The braided ponytail made a major comeback in 2019 and still remains a sleek and easy hairstyle.

To do this, you simply have to put your hair up into a ponytail and braid your puff, then wrap it in a small bun. The next step is to attach hair extensions to your bun with a rubber band and a few hairpins to secure the ponytail. The final step is to braid the hair extensions and you are ready to step out. Don’t forget to lay your edges and hold your hair in place using a styling gel.

When the conversation about protective hairstyling begins, braids are always the go-to option. This is because they suit everyone, are cost-effective and you can choose the colour and length you want.

You can choose to either make box braids, Alicia Keys braids, knotless braids or feed-in braids. Braids are also very easy to maintain and can be styled in various ways to create different looks. You can also opt to accessorise with hair jewellery to beautify your hair. This is a classy, protective hairstyle for harmattan and it never fails.

Another great way to keep your hair protected from the dryness that comes with Harmattan. It is no news that keeping your hair in cornrows is a protective hairstyle guaranteed to not only help your hair grow but also help it lock in moisture.

Throwing a wig on gives you more alternatives to going about your activities with cornrows. You can choose whatever style of wig you want knowing your hair remains protected under it.

Opting to wear a wig gives your hair a break from the stress of styling it regularly.

Wrap It Up
When in doubt, wrap it up. When you don’t want to make your hair, you can opt to cover it up. Covering your hair with a gorgeous hair wrap will keep it protected allowing it to lock in moisture for as long as you need.

By using different coloured scarves and wrapping them in different ways, you can give yourself a different look everyday. You can lock in moisture and avoid damage while being the envy of all.

While using natural hair products guaranteed to moisturise your hair and keep it healthy, you should also take note of protective hairstyles that would keep the cold winds of harmattan far from your hair. You definitely would not want to step into the New Year with split ends and breaking hair. This is why you should make a conscious effort to take the first step to keeping your hair protected even with the treatment.


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