Protecting South Africa’s Future- Two Nigerians Selling Drugs To Students Were Mobbed And Lynched, No Racism Involved

Two Nigerians accused of selling hard drugs to students in South Africa were thoroughly beaten by a mob.

According to Ugo Ugbaje, a South Africa-based Nigerian, the incident occurred at Kuruman Northern Cape area of the country last Friday.

Ugbaje shared photos of the attacks on his Facebook page, saying the victims would have died if the police had not intervened. According to Ugbaje, “may God save us in this country, South Africa. Two Nigerian guys were almost murdered yesterday (Friday) in Kuruman Northern Cape. “If not for the police, their lives would have been history by now.”

The victims Reacting to Ugbaje’s post, Oageng Mol Louw, a South African, said the attackers were protecting their children’s future, adding “there is no racism in this matter. Protecting our kids and their future is important. “You guys know how dangerous those stuffs are, yet you’re selling them to school kids. Now that’s heartless.”

The attack comes two days after two Nigerians were shot dead in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Mike Ibitoye, Chairman of the Nigeria Union in South Africa, identified the victims as Ernest Ughakwesili, 42, and Chimezie Oranusi, 26, both from Anambra State.


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