Protea Glen Residents Continue To Occupy Vacant Land In Soweto

A group of residents in Protea Glen Extension 29 has continued occupying a piece of vacant land in Soweto.

Earlier this week, police dispersed a crowd in the area which was trying to illegally grab land, claiming they wanted the space to build their homes.

On Saturday morning, a group of about 200 people went back to the area to earmark land for the same reason.

This resident has told Correspondent that they will not be deterred from their efforts of occupying land as the government has failed to provide them with adequate accommodation.

“We are here to occupy that land. We don’t want anything but land. We here as community members and not members of a particular political party.”

Meanwhile, Johannesburg Metro Police have been deployed to the area.

JMPD spokesperson chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar says, “Officers are on the scene and are waiting for backup to prevent illegal land grab.”


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