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Prince William & Kate Middleton Have an Adorable Way of Telling Prince George He’ll Be King

Although Prince William and Kate Middleton are no strangers to normal parenting issues, such as bedtime battles and outlandish Christmas gift requests, there are a few they’re on their own with — like, you know, how to casually prepare your eldest child to be King of England one day. No biggie. Creative parents that William and Kate are, though, they thought of a clever way to explain to Prince George what his future holds.

  • A source recently revealed that William and Kate don’t want their kids to feel “overwhelmed” by their roles in the monarchy. So, what did the Cambridges do? They explained things in a child-like way as possible — like a fairy tale!”William and Kate have already talked to George and Charlotte about their future roles, but in a child-like way so that they understand without feeling overwhelmed,” a source told Closer. “George knows there’s something special about him and that one day he’ll be the future King of England.”Another source told Us Weekly: “[Prince William will] explain things as if he’s reading from a children’s storybook. So it’s fun for George.”Cute!
  • Because William knows what it’s like to be hit with such bombshell info, he’s making sure to “break the news” as simply as possible. “He does so in a very simple manner because he doesn’t want his son to feel overwhelmed at such a young age,” the insider told Us. Apparently, when Princess Diana told Prince William he was going to be king one day, he wasn’t too thrilled — understandable for a little kid. That’s a lot of responsibility.
  • Funnily enough, though, Prince Harry was more than a little intrigued by the concept of being king. It was recently revealed that after William turned his nose up at the idea of being king, Harry was more than willing to take on the role. In a new documentary on the Queen Elizabeth’s children, royal journalist Jeremy Paxman recalled a conversation he had with Princess Diana about her sons.”We talked about our children and she said William often told her that he didn’t really want to be king, and then Harry would say, ‘If you don’t want the job I’ll have it,'” he revealed.
  • Given the fact that Harry just quit the royal family essentially, it’s interesting that there was a time when Harry wanted MORE responsibility. Sure, when he was young, Harry obviously didn’t know exactly what being King of England entailed, but for so long now, there’s been a narrative about Harry being a “reluctant royal” and someone who just wanted to be a normal person. In fact, most royal experts have said that, ultimately, that’s the reason he abdicated his title recently.
  • Given his personal experience, it’s safe to assume Prince William is explaining George’s future role in the best way possible. Obviously, there’s no way to easily break the news that you’re going to have a profound responsibility to your family when you get older, but going the storybook route seems like a good way to get Prince George warmed up to things. 

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