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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Reportedly Fired Their Entire UK Staff

If anyone thought that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry didn’t take stepping down from their positions as senior royals very seriously, think again — we have another update that shows just how much they’re planning not to change their minds. Reportedly, Meghan and Harry have fired their entire royal staff, because they will no longer be needing their services.

  • It sounds like their Buckingham Palace office is shutting down, and employees there have been given their notice. According to Entertainment Tonight, staffers who have been working with the royals for a long time have been told that they would be given other roles in the household, but it does mean bad news for some of the newer employees.”Because the Duke and Duchess will now be financially independent, the Royal family will no longer pay for their staff,” a source told ET. “A number of the employees asked to stay with the Duke and Duchess. Those moving on are all being reassigned and paid redundancy fees. In their new life, things will be streamlined and leaner with staff located closer to them.”
  • Their team was first alerted to the news not long after Meghan and Harry made their announcement in January. The source told ET that some of the people who worked with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were totally blindsided by the move and that they couldn’t believe they were being let go “particularly after their hard work, discretion, and intense loyalty.” Working for the royal family definitely has to come with a lot of stress, and those jobs are very coveted. It’s hard to lose any job, let alone one that requires the kind of dedication that these roles must.
  • It makes sense, though — it’s all about budget. If Meghan and Harry aren’t functioning as they once did in their royal capacities — and not spending much time in the UK, of course — they wouldn’t need a fully staffed office there, nor do they have the capacity to pay for it without royal funding. And if they’re planning on doing all their business out of Canada, then that’s where they’d need staff to be.
  • This seems to really seal that Meghan and Harry are 200% done with the royal fam. Not that we blame them, of course — it really seemed like royal life wasn’t working for them, especially after baby Archie’s arrival. Good for them for putting themselves first, but it does suck that it means some people had to lose their jobs in the process. We have a feeling working for the royal fam looks really good on a resume, though.
  • Whatever’s coming, we just hope these two are happy. They seemed to be loving life in Canada (and is free to travel the US at the same time, including a trip to Miami), so it certainly seems like this has been a positive choice all around. We can’t wait to see what their organization can do once they have everything all set up and they’ve settled into their new home. We miss them hanging with the royal family for sure, but we love seeing them so happy. 

Written by Mathew

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