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Prince Harry May Feel ‘Isolated’ Without Prince William

Even though Prince Harry left the royal family on his own volition, there’s a new rumor swirling around that claims the Duke of Sussex is actually a little lost without the strong connection he once had with his brother, Prince William. And on a more depressing note, Harry is also reportedly a little jealous of what appears to be a close new bond between William and Prince Charles.

  • A royal expert recently said that Harry fears becoming “isolated” from the royal family. On a royal-centric podcast, royal commentator Angela Mollard said that, despite being an “incredibly strong” person, Prince Harry seems to be becoming “increasingly vulnerable” since Megxit. 
    “There’s a lot of growing commentary around the fact that Prince Harry is pretty isolated,” she said. “He’s with Meghan in Canada.”
  • And the recent video of Prince Charles and Prince William joking around didn’t help. Mollard surmises that the recent video of Prince William playing wheelchair basketball with the help of Prince Charles at the Defense Medical Rehabilitation Centre affected Harry. “We saw those photos last week of William and his father at an event,” Mollard said. “William was in the wheelchair, shooting basketball hoops. Prince Charles came in behind to cheer him on and then gave him a sort of massage on the shoulders. That kind of closeness between them, and the friendliness and the sort of clubbable-ness of these two heirs to the throne will not have gone unnoticed by Harry.”Damn, that’s sad.
  • However, it isn’t all Frown Town for Harry. Dude’s got some serious opportunities right now. “There’s some concern that yes, they’ve moved away, but Meghan is seeking job offers and opportunities, and of course, Harry is getting plenty of work as well,” Mollard revealed. “There’s tremendous commercial opportunities for them.”She added: “They were offered to present an award at the Oscars and declined, but said they were flattered.”
  • Some worry that once the excitement of Megxit dies down, Harry may feel incredibly lonely. Mollard explained that, while Harry has a distinct purpose right now, he may not feel so purposeful once things settle down. “Now I know he’s incredibly strong, he set up the Invictus Games, he’s got a lot of purpose in his life,” Mollard said. “Clearly, through that therapy, he developed that purpose. You just have to wonder when things go wrong, as they inevitably always do, that he’s not feeling isolated.” She then revealed a strange tidbit about the royal family. “I know that the Royal Family operates in the most peculiar fashion where they actually talk through their courtiers rather than to each other [huh?],” she said. “But there was that closeness with William, and without that, I think that’s really sad.”
  • From the sound of things, Harry reached his breaking point with life in the royal family, so his only choice really was to leave. That said, it’s really sad that he’s so far — physically and possibly emotionally — from the rest of his family now, particularly William, who he seemed to be so close with. Hopefully, when things settle down, Harry and William will, somehow, make their way back to each other while still keeping their respective lives and goals intact. That can’t be too hard … right?

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